Probate, Guardianship & Estate Litigation

Litigation in matters involving trusts and probate isn’t necessarily the first option – but many times it becomes the only option. Estate litigation, probate litigation, trust litigation, fiduciary litigation and inheritance disputes require a different set of skills and experience that is not involved in planning or document creation in wills and trusts. You should not hesitate to understand your legal rights with respect to probate, trust and fiduciary litigation. When your legal rights involve litigation, our attorneys have the skills necessary to protect you and fight for you in the courtroom. Common disputes include:

  • Will contests including questions of testamentary capacity, fraud, undue influence or duress
  • Questions of the validity of a will or trust
  • Issues and conflicts between heirs or beneficiaries of an estate or trust
  • Issues of misconduct by an executor or administrator of an estate, trustee or guardian
  • Issues involving breach of fiduciary duties
  • Guardianships