Civil Litigation

If you or your company have been involved in a lawsuit, it may have left a bad taste. Don’t worry; we will change the way you think about a lawsuit. Our approach is unique. We will regularly communicate with you and your designated representatives and insurance carriers. Our attorneys are sensitive to the fact that our clients want their litigation needs met with competence, aggressiveness, and in the most expeditious, cost-effective manner as possible. Litigation is where our attorneys have the strongest background. That experience aids our clients in navigating through the murky waters that surround lawsuits. We have a strong litigation background in a number of areas:

  • Auto/Transportation (Personal Injury and Property)
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Professional Liability
  • Employer Practices Liability
  • Insurance coverage
  • Premises Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Toxic Tort and Mass Litigation

Construction Law

Construction and industry related businesses don’t wait for a lawsuit; the most astute companies practice preventative medicine in every aspect of their company. Our law firm serves general contractors, construction managers, design builders, subcontractors, suppliers, owners, architects, engineers, and sureties in Texas. Our attorneys routinely provide construction related legal services: drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts; analysis, preparation, negotiation, resolution, prosecution and/or defense of contract claims; negotiation and resolution of other construction disputes; mediations; arbitrations; litigation at both the trial and appellate levels; preparation and defense of liens; negotiation and drafting of indemnity provisions, defense and prosecution of indemnity claims. Our lawyers provide courtesy seminars to businesses, small and large, to assist those companies in understanding the legal ramifications commercial and tort laws and avoid costly mistakes.

State Appeals

As successful trial lawyers, we have received many favorable judgments for our clients. It is not uncommon for the opposing party to file an appeal hoping to overturn the Court’s judgement. We have written numerous state appellate briefs and argued successfully before the various state appellate courts. Each of our lawyers began their training for appellate practice in law school. Each was chosen to participate in the highly prestigious moot court/mock trial competitions in law school, and each has built upon that training. The skills necessary to win on appeal have been further developed, refined and polished with experience. Our brief writing and advocacy skills, our knowledge, training and experience can help you win your appeal.


The attorneys at Brothers Alvarado, P.C., have extensive experience in representing trucking and transportation companies throughout Texas in catastrophic personal injury, cargo and property loss and product liability cases.  Transportation cases often involve serious allegations of negligent hiring, supervision and retention, and claims for punitive damages. Our attorneys have experience in dealing with the complicated regulations governing the trucking and transportation industry.  Let us help guide you through the tough legal issues that face your company. 



David Brothers is a trained mediator. His experience as a trial lawyer who is still in the trenches enables him to bring practical, real world perspective to the parties, boil the dispute down to its essential elements and reach an amicable resolution. He is not one sided, and he is not a mere courier.

David Brothers  works with the parties and their attorneys through all of the issues to successfully resolve the dispute.